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May 5, 2022

What is Range Anxiety for EV Drivers?

Whether you own a gasoline vehicle or an electric vehicle (EV), all drivers know the dread of seeing their car starting to run out of power. Unlike drivers of gasoline-powered cars, EV drivers don’t necessarily have the assurance that a gas station is around the corner or down the road. While the EV charging network is growing, many consumers suffer range anxiety, which causes some to postpone purchasing an EV.

The phrase “range anxiety” describes consumers’ fears that an EV will run out of power before they can find a place to charge. It’s a combination of concerns; one, that they’ll reach the limits of their EV’s driving range, and two, that there won’t be a place to charge when their car runs low on power. Although these are understandable fears, they tend to affect those who haven’t experienced owning an EV most.

What Causes Range Anxiety

The ecosystem of EV charging infrastructure is still growing and the availability of charging stations may vary based on your location. Some areas, more than others, have embraced and incentivized the building of EV charging infrastructure throughout their cities, while others are just getting started. Current EVs on the market have an average range of 150-300 miles which can be as little as half the range of some gas vehicles. For those who have not owned or experienced driving an EV for an extended amount of time, this lowered potential range paired with the assumption that there isn’t always going to be a charging station close by can be a factor when considering an EV purchase and cause of range anxiety. At its core, the main cause for EV range anxiety is simply the fear of the unknown and a lack of information.

Combatting Range Anxiety

Range anxiety should not stop you from purchasing an EV. Here are some important points to consider.

1. Consider the facts and figures.

Research shows a large gap between the range anxiety many people feel and how many EV drivers are actually running out of power. A recent study found that the range of an average EV is more than sufficient to get EV drivers where they need to go 87% of the time. While this anxiety prevents some consumers from purchasing an EV initially, a large majority (96%) of EV owners say they would repurchase an EV. According to AAA, while range anxiety was an obstacle to their purchase of an EV, 95% of EV drivers have always had enough charge to get where they’re going. Furthermore, range anxiety is reported to dissipate once a consumer starts driving their EV.

2. Charge at home and at work.

Plugging in your EV while you’re relaxing at home or working at the office is an easy way to incorporate charging into your everyday life and ensure your car is powered up at all times. Many multifamily communities and commercial real estate properties offer EV charging stations on site for their residents and tenants to use.

3. Plan your route.

Careful planning can help to ease range anxiety. By plotting out your travel before you hit the road, you’ll have a clear idea of how much range you need that day. If your trip takes you close to your maximum range, you can plan a mid-day charge by searching for charging stations online. While you likely won’t need this planning for day-to-day activities, it’s good practice for longer trips or when going to an unfamiliar location.

4. Support EV infrastructure growth.

Supporting the use and installation of charging stations helps grow the overall EV infrastructure industry. The more charging stations built, the larger the network will grow, making it less likely that EV drivers will find themselves without somewhere to charge. You can support EV infrastructure by using existing charging stations and making your voice heard. If you live in a multi-family community, ask management to install charging stations. The same goes for commercial properties you frequent.

5. Help improve EV technology.

As the EV market grows, EV technology will become more efficient. For example, better batteries are being developed with each new generation of EVs, extending the vehicle’s range and lowering range anxiety. By purchasing an EV, you participate in this growing market and encourage further developments.

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