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May 16, 2024

Save with SCE’s New Construction Rebate

Electric vehicle (EV) charging rebates play a pivotal role in the transition to sustainable transportation infrastructure. These incentives serve as powerful catalysts, encouraging widespread adoption of EVs by alleviating the financial burden associated with charging infrastructure installation and maintenance. By offering incentives, rebates, and grants, governments and utilities stimulate investment in EV charging stations, which helps drivers overcome range anxiety – a significant barrier to EV adoption.

EV charging rebates also promote equity by making electric vehicles accessible to a broader demographic, including low-income communities. By incentivizing the deployment of charging infrastructure in underserved areas, rebates ensure that all individuals have equal access to the benefits of electric mobility.

Southern California Edison’s Charge Ready program offers a variety of rebates to commercial, multifamily and public sector properties. In particular, SCE’s New Construction Rebate provides up to $3,500 per charger for eligible multifamily properties within its service territory.

Key things to know:

  • Open to multifamily properties within SCE service territory
  • Certificate of occupancy after January 1, 2017
  • Up to $3,500 per charger available
  • Available through 2025 or until funding runs out

Additionally, in 2022, Chargie was selected by SCE as a vendor for its Turnkey Installation program, which offers full-service solutions to eligible residential multifamily properties located in top quartile disadvantaged communities (DAC) within the SCE service area. For properties that qualify, this includes the design, purchase, installation, and operation of EV charging equipment. In this program, Chargie performs select services to deploy and manage EV infrastructure at these properties.

On top of being a turnkey vendor, Chargie continues to be an Approved Network Provider for the Charge Ready Program.

How Chargie Can Help

At Chargie, we specialize in finding the best programs to plug into to provide our clients with EV charging stations at little to no out-of-pocket costs. We handle everything from applying to the programs and submitting the required paperwork to installing the charging stations and providing ongoing maintenance and support. With Chargie, property owners get a truly turnkey partner, and drivers get simple, intuitive charging. Learn more about our turnkey solution.

The places you park most of the time become places you can charge at any time. Our 98%+ availability means you’ll return to a fully charged car and our 24/7/365 customer care provides drivers and clients the support they need at every turn.