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January 11, 2024

Salt River Project (SRP) Trade Ally Spotlight

Chargie is proud to work with Salt River Project (SRP) to provide reliable EV charging stations for its electrification program. SRP is a community-based, not-for-profit organization providing affordable water and power to more than 2 million people in central Arizona.

An Interview with Chargie

Jarrett Gonzales, Regional Director

Tell us about your business and how you got started?

Chargie was originally born as a division of PCS Energy, the largest installer of commercial solar systems in Los Angeles, and began installing EV charging stations in 2017. PCS Energy’s parent company, Corp PCS, has been an active real estate developer for over 30 years. Today, Chargie is a leading provider of intelligent, intuitive, and reliable electric vehicle charging solutions. We design, install, manage, and operate leading-edge charging infrastructure around the country for multifamily communities, office properties, government buildings, fleets, retail locations, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, transportation hubs and more. To date, Chargie has installed over 15,000 chargers in more than 1,000 properties and has extensive experience in underserved communities.

What’s one thing you love about the work you do?

Chargie is proud to help make EVs accessible to everyone – it’s key to reducing carbon emissions and confronting the climate crisis. The work we do encourages EV adoption and eases the transition by ensuring drivers across all communities have convenient access to reliable charging.

What is your favorite part of participating in the SRP Electrification Program?

We really appreciate all the support we receive from Alyssa and the ICF team. ICF has a firm understanding of the EV charging infrastructure industry and has been integral in streamlining the rebate process for both our company and our valued customers. We are also very encouraged by the variety of property types and projects that can participate in the program. The SRP rebate funds allow Chargie to help multifamily, government, fleet, non-profit, and school customers install much-needed infrastructure. This builds entire communities with robust EV charging capabilities in places drivers need them most.

What has been your favorite project over the last few years?

One project that really sticks out for us is a large multifamily property in Phoenix, Contour on Campbell, where we installed 68 Level 2 chargers. The board recognized there was a high demand for chargers at the site and also saw the stations as an opportunity to increase the property’s value. And given the large number of chargers needed, the SRP rebate funding was critical to the project’s feasibility.

Chargie was able to provide a full turnkey solution which included design, permitting, installation and continued management of the 68 chargers. When the installation of the chargers was announced, several residents were prompted to order new EVs.

Chargie is Here to Help

Interested in taking part in the program but not sure where to start? Our team of experts are available to help. We handle everything from applying to the program and submitting the required paperwork to installing and managing the ongoing maintenance and support of the EV chargers. With Chargie, property owners get a truly turnkey partner, and drivers get simple, intuitive charging. Learn more about our turnkey solution.

The places you park most of the time become the places you can charge at any time. Our 98%+ availability means you’ll return to a fully charged car and our 24/7/365 customer care provides drivers and clients the support they need at every turn.