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September 7, 2023

Chargie and Bell Partners Team Up to Expand EV Charging Infrastructure

Chargie to deploy stationsat Bell Partners apartment communities nationwide


CULVER CITY, Calif. andGREENSBORO, N.C. September 7, 2023 – Chargie, a leading provider ofelectric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, and Bell Partners, Inc., one of thenation’s leading apartment investment and management companies, today announceda partnership to bring reliable EV charging infrastructure to multifamily propertiesowned and managed by Bell Partners, Inc. Under the partnership, Chargie will design,install, operate and maintain EV charging stations across Bell Partners’nationwide portfolio of apartment communities.

The transition to electricvehicles has gained considerable momentum in recent years, driven by the desireto reduce carbon emissions and embrace more sustainable transportation options.This collaboration between Chargie and Bell Partners aims to accelerate thegrowth of electric mobility by expanding the availability of convenient andreliable EV charging infrastructure.

“We recognize the majorityof EV charging happens at home. When home is an apartment building, access toreliable charging can be a challenge,” said Zach Jennings, CEO of Chargie.“Together with Bell Partners, we look forward to removing those barriers andmaking EV charging a core part of the resident experience. This is asignificant step toward making EVs accessible for all.”

Chargie’s solutionincludes detailed site analyses, design engineering, construction services, andongoing 24/7/365 support for drivers and property managers. The networked Level2 stations will provide Bell Partners’ residents with load-managed chargingthat maximizes the number of vehicles charged while safely balancing abuilding’s electrical capacity.

The addition of EVcharging stations at its properties is a key part of Bell Partners’environmental program, which also includes energy conservation, wastemanagement and water reduction initiatives.

“Bell Partners iscommitted to creating communities that our residents are proud to call home,”said Cindy Clare, Chief Operating Officer of Bell Partners. “Our partnershipwith Chargie will help us elevate the resident experience by providing cutting-edgeamenities, promoting sustainable living, and driving positive change across ourportfolio.”

The partnership aims todevelop forward-thinking EV charging strategies across Bell Partners’nationwide property portfolio.

About Chargie

Chargie is a leadingprovider of intelligent, intuitive and reliable electric vehicle chargingsolutions for modern commercial buildings, multifamily communities and thegrowing number of EV drivers. We design, install, manage and operateleading-edge charging infrastructure around the country for residentialproperties, office buildings, retail locations, healthcare facilities,transportation hubs and more. Learn more at chargie.com.

About Bell Partners

Established in 1976, Bell Partners Inc. is a privately held apartmentinvestment and management company focused on quality multifamily rentalcommunities throughout the United States. The Company manages more than 85,000apartment homes in markets across the U.S., including communities in the SanFrancisco Bay Area, Southern California, Washington, Texas, Colorado, theSoutheast, Washington D.C. and Boston. With over 2,000 associates and nineoffices, Bell Partners offers an extensive full-service vertically integratednational platform of expertise in acquisitions and dispositions, construction,financing, property operations, accounting, risk management and related supportfunctions. Led by a senior management team with an average of 20+ years ofexperience navigating marketing cycles, Bell Partners has invested throughoutall phases of the real estate cycle and has completed over $18 billion ofapartment transactions since 2002. With a focus on the customer, Bell pairs itscorporate infrastructure with a deep local presence to drive performance. Formore information, visitbellpartnersinc.com.