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We’re building the most reliable EV charging network by a mile. The places you park most of the time become places you can charge any time.

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What our drivers say about us

A selfie of a smiling man standing in front of an outdoor park on a sunny day.

"Chargie is so much more reliable than any other charging stations and apps I've used."

A smiling man standing in front of a high-rise business building dressed in a professional business tie and shirt.

"I love the network. It's been a blessing knowing that I can come home and charge without any problems."

A smiling portrait of a woman in a  stylish outfit, in front of a outdoor business complex.

"It's been flawless – I rave about Chargie to everyone I speak with. I'm glad we have this.”

Chargie mobile app mock-ups displaying the Home and Session screens.

Do more with the Chargie App

Chargie mobile app mock-ups displaying the Home and Session screens.
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How to charge

We make charging your car as routine as charging your phone—even in low-signal environments.

Plug in your vehicle

Plug in your vehicle before initiating charge

Scan the QR code

Scan the QR code or tap RFID card on the charger

Driver in driver's seat holding up mobile phone with Chargie App screen

Download the app or use our app-less charging feature

Track progress via app

Track progress and receive live updates through the app or SMS

Experience reliable EV charging wherever you go

Woman plugging in cable while charging electric car at station.

Enjoy a seamless user experience.

EV charging should be simple and intuitive. We made it easy for new and experienced EV drivers to start charging quickly.

Smiling woman text messaging on smartphone while charging electric car.

Receive 24/7 customer support whenever you need it.

Our customer support team is here to help at every turn. Reach out through the app or website for help anytime.

Woman holding steering wheel using GPS system in electric car.

Get reliable charging every time.

Chargie maintains a 98%+ network availability. This ensures drivers come back to a full charge.

Driver no subscription

No subscription fee.

No monthly membership or subscription fee required to start charging. Just pay for what’s consumed – simple.